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Either Learn History, Or Be Doomed To Repeat It

To The Reader’s Forum:

History isn’t always a pleasant memory but life isn’t always pleasant.

So, when we view our past, we have to recognize it is the past. The question is should we erase what we would rather not want to re-visit?

When we saw the statue of Saddam tore from its root we said good riddance, never giving a thought that there were those who saw it as sad. Keep in mind some people saw him as a hero while others saw him as a curse. This begs the question, why would a small group of people want to destroy every statue in our country, including that of Fredrick Douglas, a Black abolitionist, along with Robert E. Lee, a rebel general.

Too many these days have no idea who these statues are images of. Too many these days could care less. Too many these days agree with such destruction and one is too many. Not only is our history being destroyed so are large areas in our cities being burned to the ground or destroyed by bricks.

Why this horrific destruction? Who are these people? How many people read or saw the movies Cabaret and Dr. Zhivago? What was their messages? Think, history.

George Orwell wrote 1984. If you have never read it you should, you must. Shredding history. Do you see the connection? Ripping statues down. Burning /slashing, creating havoc, mostly misguided young people and radical groups with an agenda. What do you think that agenda is? The teaching of history in public so called educational institution’s is noticeably absent so how can these young people value what they destroy? Those who promote these actions do. They buy the bricks.

So, the next time someone says,”history is boring,’ remind them that it isn’t, it is just how it is taught.

Audrey Shelgren



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