Kudos To Renate Bob — Well Said

To The Reader’s Forum:

I want thank Renate Bob for her comments on mask wearing. I appreciate all she said — and have been thinking but never wrote down.

I also am disheartened that The Post-Journal continues to print Michelle Malken’s column. I understand freedom of speech and I truly believe it is important to read (and hear) opinions contrary to my own — and for the most part, The Post-Journal does a good job of printing both. But I find that I cannot read something as venomous as her column.

I don’t think The Post-Journal is doing itself (or the community for that matter) any good in continuing to print her column. I know, I know freedom of speech again — truly, I could just not read her column — and there is also freedom of the press. Both significant points — but in this day and age, we don’t need more venom.

Barbara Bumsted



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