VA Says Thank You

To The Reader’s Forum:

This is in reference to a letter recently published from Rolland Kidder on June 20, 2020 in the Jamestown Post-Journal regarding the Jamestown VA clinic.

VA Western New York Healthcare System established community-based clinics beginning in March of 1995 with the opening of the first clinic in Jamestown, New York. These community-based clinics allow Veterans to receive their care close to home with the same high-quality standards consistent with all VA sites of care. The clinic has been operated under a contract model since the inception in 1995, within the city limits of Jamestown.

We have appreciated the partnership with the Sterling, who has served veterans through a contract for the last 10 years. Beginning November 1, the Jamestown VA Clinic will move to 321 Hazeltine Ave. under a new contract with Valor Healthcare. The new clinic will be 9,170 square feet, approximately 3,000 square feet larger than the current location. Valor Health Care is Joint Commission Accredited, with many years of experience serving veterans at the Dunkirk VA clinic until 2019 and currently at Lockport VA Clinic, in addition to over 30 VA clinics nationwide.

The new location offers free parking available in front of the building as well a bus stop, making it accessible by the local transit system.

VA Clinics operate with a Patient Aligned Care Team, (PACT), an inter-disciplinary team consisting of providers such as a doctor, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, nurse, nutritionist, social worker, pharmacist, and administrative staff, with staffing based on number of Veterans served in compliance with VA panel guidelines; 1,200 patients for a full time physician and 900 patients for a full time nurse practitioner or physician assistant). There will be a full-time physician (1.0 FTE) and part-time nurse practitioner (0.6 FTE). Currently, the Jamestown VA clinic serves 1,500 veterans annually with the capacity to serve more veterans. Staffing can be adjusted if enrollment grows.

VA has been honored to serve veterans in the Jamestown area for the last 25 years and looks forward to serving veterans for many years to come. Thank you to all veterans who Choose VA as their health care provider.

Michael J. Swartz, FACHE

Executive Director

VA Western New York Healthcare System


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