Trump Labels Obama The ‘Worst’ President

To The Reader’s Forum:

Donald J. Trump last week labeled former President Barack Obama our “worst president.”

That baseless accusation was apparently based on General Flynn, a convicted liar, was “unmasked” by President Obama, when in fact Flynn had never been “masked” by anyone at any time.

The label “worst president” is a most serious accusation and I envision several examples of what may qualify a president as “worst.”

I think that a president who mimics a disabled reporter may qualify. A president who disrespects a Gold Star mother and father may qualify as “worst.”

A president who disrespects a senator who is a war hero and POW simply because of a Senate vote, when that accuser cowardly dodged the draft five times, including for a sore toe, may indeed qualify as “worst.” A president exposed for cheating on his wives and who pays a prostitute for silence days before an election deserves consideration as “worst.” A president who is impeached by the People’s House for the rest of his life may qualify as “worst.”

A president who vows to “repeal and replace” healthcare for millions of previously uninsured and underinsured Americans, including pre-existing conditions, certainly deserves consideration as “worst” even if he failed miserably.

A president who orders his Senate leader to block 300 pieces of legislation deserves consideration. A president who hands sections of N. Syria to the murdering Turkish leader for additional murders may qualify as “worst.” A president who praises dictators in Russia, N. Korea, Saudi Arabia while rebuking our own intelligence agencies must be considered. A president who states “buy American, hire American” while he and his families reap millions in profits from outsourcing American jobs around the world should indeed qualify as worst.

A president who refuses to place his right hand on a Bible and orders his inner circle to ignore subpoenas for truthful testimony may indeed deserve the label of “worst president.” A president who dares replace and humiliate those who would warn us of the seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic and blames others for his lack of leadership and concern certainly deserves the label “worst.”

A president who, along with his private attorney general, who blames the current protests on “leftist extremists,” simply to exploit politically the issue deserves consideration.

Since President Obama is not guilty of any of the above examples, we need look elsewhere for the “worst president,” perhaps at the accuser?

Sam Sabino



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