Town Of Carroll Goes Above And Beyond

To The Reader’s Forum:

Community Helpers has been the final theme in our Kindergarten classrooms for the last few years. This year it appeared that we would not be experiencing anything that we had done before. Our community walking trip was going to have to be canceled. Just one more disappointment in this crazy time.

But the town of Carroll, where RHJ Elementary School is located, went above and beyond.

At the Myers Memorial Library, they have three librarians who are wonderful! Rachel Roushey made us a video so our students could take a virtual tour of the library. She even read the students a story.

The employees of Tops Friendly Market let us take a video of the store and the manager (Jon Osterdahl) showed us around. He pointed out all of the kindergarteners favorite things at the store — the meat grinder, the box crusher, and the cooler. The employees there (Kathy Rumbaugh, Shelby Snow and Jacob Lyon) and managers (Jim Muntz, Steve Ryberg and Jon Osterdahl) are terrific.

Our final tour was at the Town Hall. The town clerk, the town supervisor, the police chief and the highway superintendent all took time out of their day to show us around. They told us about the town and showed us around the building. We got to see the antique fire truck and check out the police car. The Highway Department building had a lot of trucks and other equipment.

We are so thankful for the time given to us by Mrs. Susan Rowley, Mr. Russ Payne, Chief of Police Bill Nelson and Mr. Jim Michener.

Frewsburg (the town of Carroll) is a great place to live and go to school! We are truly blessed to have such a caring community!

Jill Smith

Frewsburg Central School teacher



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