The Second Amendment Is A Right To Bear Arms, Not A Right To Threaten

To The Reader’s Forum:

The Second Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees a citizen of this country the right to bear arms. However, it does not give someone the right to threaten another person’s life with that weapon. As a matter of law, a verbal or written threat on someone’s life with a gun most likely is a crime. I was quite disturbed to read in this publication Christina Cardinale, the Democratic candidate for the 150th Assembly District which includes Chautauqua County, was receiving serious threats of harm by some who own guns. This is utterly deplorable. She was forced to come to the Post Journal to explain she was in fact very intent on vigorously protecting Second Amendment rights.

There is a bigger point to be made, which is quite obvious. Gun owners have every right to use their vote to make a statement about guns and vote for the candidate of their choice. They do not have the right to intimidate others and make threats. If an individual, or candidate, wants to advocate for stricter gun control, or even promote abolishing the Second Amendment altogether you do not get to threaten their lives with a gun. They have a First Amendment right to express their opinion. You get to vote against them.

And what was Andy Goodell’s, Ms.Cardinale’s Republican opponent, public reaction to these serious and sickening threats? Did he step forward and make a statement condemning these threats? Did he speak out in her defense? Did he do the right thing, and say no one running for public office should have their lives threatened? No, he did not. He said nothing. It’s not much of a stretch to suggest these threats were coming from his supporters. I find his silence cowardly and an insight into his moral character.

It’s not surprising. Is seems all civility and decency in today’s Republican party has evaporated.

Tom Andalora,



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