Help Me Decide On Another Four Years

To The Reader’s Forum:

I know this guy. He seems to have a lot of friends. Not sure why.

This guy seems to lie about almost everything. Even when he doesn’t have to. I have to admit, this guy is very creative. He is good at making up stuff right off the top of his head. Stuff that often has no basis in reality or fact. Well that’s OK I guess. Facts just get in his way.

This guy does show respect and support for others; unless you happen to be black, brown, gay, female, an immigrant, handicapped, an environmentalist, the press or anyone else who happens to disagree with him. He’s not too pleased with those who stand up for their lawful constitutional right to fight injustice by demonstrating in the streets, even using violent force against peaceful demonstrators so he could pose for a cheap photo op. Well that’s okay.

He did hold up a bible, not his.

Don’t get me wrong. This guy does have friends. Especially if they are well connected and among the very wealthy.

He helps them out every chance he gets, while helping out the less fortunate now and then by tossing a few crumbs to them. He also seems to relate well with the powerful leaders in Russia, North Korea and other repressive nations.

This guy happens to belong to a political party, that over the many decades of my life, I have had great respect for. A party that had produced great leaders. Now I fear that party has morphed into a party of “see no evil-hear no evil.”

Too few are willing or are too afraid to speak out for what is in their heart. Those that do are demonized or, if they are employed by the administration, fired.

I am not without hope, however. Every day now there are those who are highly respected and who are of great influence that are speaking truth to power.

Now, come this November, this guy is calling on me to vote for him so he could remain in office for another four years. What should I do? Help me decide. What would YOU do?

Jim & Marianne Yaich

Russell, Pa.


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