Clerk Clarifies County DMV Services

To the Reader’s Forum:

There seems to be some confusion about the operation of the county DMV offices, so I would like to outline what can and cannot be done at the local offices. Please remember that all DMV offices are closed to the public at this time. A limited staff is there working but all transactions are to be done by mail or drop box.

Driver’s license renewals including CDLs cannot be done at this time as they require a personal visit. NYS has extended the expiration on all licenses that have expired on March 1, 2020 or after until further notice. You may continue to drive legally on a license that expired during the shutdown.

Additionally, DMV has also stopped downgrading drivers CDL’s due to their Medical certifications expiring, but this waiver only applies to drivers who’s medical certificate on record expired on or after March 1, 2020. If a medical certificate expired prior to 3/1/2020 and we did not receive an updated certificate prior to the downgrade date, the driver will be downgraded and his CDL is no longer valid. If you have been downgraded and need to be reinstated, call one of our three DMV offices and we will handle this for you.

Learner’s permit tests are not being given at the present time. As frustrating as this may be for a sixteen year old, customers are not allowed in the DMV building at this time.

Vehicle registrations that expired on March 1, 2020 or after have been extended until further notice and you may drive legally on a registration that expired during the shutdown. If you want to beat the rush that will come when we are allowed to reopen, you may mail your renewal to any one of our DMV offices or place it in the drop box. We will mail the renewal back to you. You may also renew by phone at any office. Remember to include your phone number and a self addressed and stamped envelope with your renewal.

All other DMV work will be done by mail or drop box only. Be sure to leave us your phone number and a SASE. We will call you for payment when we process your request. Those asking for new plates must include $4.60 in postage stamps (No cash or check) to get the plates mailed to them.

All questions can be directed to any DMV office. However, remember that there is probably only one person answering phones and we often get several calls at the same time.

This process is for Chautauqua county residents only. We will not process any out of county work.

Larry Barmore

Chautauqua County Clerk



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