10 Commandments Of Virus Stay-Cation

To The Reader’s Forum:

Well here we are — that’s Teddy (my dog) and I. It’s another COVID-19 Sunday – gosh that sounds like a song title from the 1960s. I may get enthusiastic and write it off!

Well I was not doing anything productive so I thought I would put together a little sermon for those who are open to the leading of the Spirit since it is Sunday. I am in a spiritual mood because my circadian clock is pealing out the church bells. Please consider the following if you are not already there:

The Ten Commandments of the COVID-19 Stay-cation!

1. Do get yourself an alarm clock and use it! Morning is the best time of the day and should not be missed from too much sleeping in! Give your pillow a break and stop crying into it!

2. Make a plan: Monday – wash day; Tuesday – ironing (Oops! Do we do that any more – something to be thankful for?)

3. Do buy the health foods at the store as those other treats live by the slogan – “Bet you can’t eat just one!”

4. Do count your chickens before they hatch. This will be over some day so make an investment in the future. Set some goals or create some incentives for when you are free at last!

5. Do not dwell only on counting your chickens. Oil up your fishing pole and go to the lake and drown some worms!

6. Do call someone else on the phone or other means of communication and invest in some new friendships or rekindle some old ones. I keep a list of those whom I have called and the date because yesterday is so long ago and tomorrow is right around the corner.

7. Do remember to slow down and listen. God gave most of us two ears and one mouth and I think He expected us to listen twice as much as we talk back!

8. Do read a book or a newspaper/magazine. They don’t read themselves and they crave attention.

9. Do take a ride and play the license plate game. Look for out-of-state licenses. I don’t think you will see many tourists but if you do welcome them and invite them back when we are functioning! It is essential!

10. Do take time to be spiritual! Know that God is Love and Jesus Christ saves. And if my facetiousness/comedy is beneficial to your mood swing it is only because it is God-created and God-centered. Have a happy day, it is a blessed gift from God.

Jody Ilene Booth Terhune



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