Trump Is Well Fit To Handle This Epidemic

To The Reader’s Forum:

Our present President was born in New York City, (which immediately helps explain his personality). Anyone born in one of its boroughs has learned that you must speak louder, be pushier and be a bit of a braggar or, you will stand alone at the end of the line and never be heard!

This is the image many people, both home and abroad, form when he speaks. In my opinion, he is a successful capitalist in the “real” world who became a multi-millionaire working in the private sector to improve his personal fortune and that our country comes first. He has accomplished more in his first two years than his predecessor did in eight. Also, he does not take his presidential salary and returns it to the treasury. Apparently, he is working 20 hours a day, seven days a week for no pay!

The former president spent his first year traveling the world, bowing to King Saudi and other world leaders, apologizing for our country, and its success, promising to correct it! He worked in the job security of the government sector as a politician, community organizer and Senator and became a millionaire, his income provided by tax dollars most of his entire life and is very popular.

In his first years President Trump also visited the Saudi King. No apologies, but his manner and personality convinced the king to invite the leaders of the Arab world to a lavish convention in his Capitol. The king apparently wished to introduce President Trump, and the United States, to the Arab and Muslim countries. This proved to be an unprecedented and successful meeting. At least the president has established an ability to talk to our potential “enemies”.

With the current coronavirus epidemic and, the market problems it has caused, I cannot imagine anyone better to fit in his shoes. I would appreciate learning your name for anyone you would substitute.


Leo A. Wilcox



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