Remember, We Are All In This Together

To The Reader’s Forum:

There are a lot of people grumbling about the closings and cancellations around the country and even in our areas where we are barely affected so far.

What you are not understanding is that the purpose of this is to stay ahead of the virus and try to stop it from spreading. You quote all the statistics about flu, etc. etc., but whether you agree or not, this has been declared a pandemic and precautions must be taken. We do not want to become China or Italy. You are right that it will barely keep most of us down even if we got the virus, but anyone infected can spread the virus without even realizing it to the elderly, those who are already sick for what ever reason (the immunity compromised) or young children.

While you would be just fine, you could unwittingly make someone else fight for their life. In addition, our healthcare system is not ready for a pandemic. There are not enough beds, staff, supplies to treat everyone who could become deathly ill. So those of you complaining, think about the big picture. It’s about so much more than how it inconveniences you.

I know it’s so very hard to figure out extra daycare and trying to stock up for a month like the CDC recommends, especially with everyone acting like hoarders out there. But it’s a necessary hardship to stop millions from being infected and thousands from dying. We are all in this together. When shopping, remember that your neighbors and especially the elderly need food and TP for a month too.

Candy Johnson



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