Rebuttal To ‘Man Of Faith Should Not Defend Trump’

To The Reader’s Forum:

I contend that a “man of faith,” yes, even a pastor, Betty, is free to defend President Donald J Trump if he so chooses. Christians are not following Trump but are followers of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Pastor Mel is an intelligent man of high integrity. He doesn’t preach politics from the pulpit, only Biblical truths. He has the right to voice his political opinions publicly, whether or not anyone agrees with him!

As a politically conservative Christian, I support Donald Trump for the following reasons: nothing in his past disqualified him to be president. Moreover, he is a man who truly loves America. As a successful real estate developer, builder and business man, he had the will, knowledge, ability and stamina to get our country back on track after years of decline. Hence, MAGA!

I don’t like some of his “tweets” nor some of his mannerisms, but I didn’t vote for his personality. I support his vision for keeping the United States free, strong and prosperous and for protecting the American people. He espoused, and continues to deliver, on policies that align with the thinking of millions of people, faith-based or not: America First, law and order, following the U.S. Constitution, controlled borders, legal and controlled immigration, a strong military, fair trade agreements, conquer the drug epidemic, reduce crime, energy independence, pro-life, pro-family, pro-second amendment, and a robust economy!

President Trump’s accomplishments are numerous. He is showing leadership ability with the coronavirus pandemic. The decision to place a travel ban China early on was prescient. Placing Vice President Pence in charge of the coronavirus task force was a smart move. It is my firm belief that President Trump and the current administration will get us through this difficult time.

Several commentators have stated that it’s time to stop the partisanship and for all Americans to take heed, help each other, and unite in overcoming this crisis.

To this I say,“Amen!”

Shirley Leyman,



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