Random Thoughts On Freedom Of Speech

To The Reader’s Forum:

¯ It used to be that college and university campuses welcomed speakers of very diverse thought so that students’ minds could be opened and expanded on a wide variety of topics or perspectives in life. Tragically, nowadays, leftist political bias outwardly denies conservative speakers or if allowed to speak, are confronted with widespread disrespect or outright violence and are shut down. Freedom of speech and thought are being replaced with propagandizing at many schools of higher education. Parents beware of where you send your kids and your hard-earned money.

¯ Private speech is different from public speech. Private conversation between two or three people is not meant to be shared. We have all said something in the past which we regret, but I believe a person’s character should not be judged by a private conversation(s). I don’t like it that smartphones and open mics can be used to purposely or unwittingly record private talk and then can be used to smear, slander and take out of context to degrade or ruin someone’s reputation.

¯ The viciousness and vitriol of speech by both sides of the political aisle is getting worse everyday. Lying and slanderous name calling are the norm. I don’t trust the “fact checkers” much either. New words (or slang) are appearing. For example, the word “woke.” Is it a noun or a verb? I have figured out that it means someone is or has awakened from “political sleep,” or you are “aware”, that you “get it” (whatever that means). Maybe? It just sounds stupid to me.

¯ Another thing about today’s speech that perplexes me (really bugs me) is the incorrect, yet “politically correct” use of pronouns.

¯ A transgender person (one person) may insist upon being identified with the pronouns “they” and “them” instead of he or she. I was taught that “they” and “them” are plural for “he, she, him, her.” Be careful. You might be sued for not using the “politically correct” pronouns.

I think that some forms of free speech have gone crazy but I thank God that we do have freedom of speech!

Shirley Leyman



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