What Trump Has Really Done

To The Reader’s Forum:

While there are numerous pleas for citizens to give undiluted praise to the current president, nearly all of those posts fail to state exactly why, how he has earned such high levels of praise.

I only ask that we become more educated in the ways Trump has given honor to this country, how he lowered taxes for us all, how he served our country during the Vietnam War, about his generous support to education for the youngest up through the college learners, his undivided assistance to the poor and the needy from other countries.

You know, that kind of stuff?

His constant prosecution of anyone who speaks against him and his deep rewards to his friends, even though he is not one to do the dirty work himself. How he put egregious pressure on the GOP Senate members with threats at their upcoming campaigns if they voted against him.

His so-called acquittal by that Senate very much is not a sentence of innocence of his crimes.

His future is not assured of any further like baloney. All one needs to do is to stop listening to his noise, have no fear of someone who has no real fearlessness.

Oran Stewart



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