JCC Production Is A Delightful Journey

To The Reader’s Forum:

I happen to be a big fan of the theater. I have been to many performances locally at the Lucille Ball Little Theater and the Scharmann Theater. Our community is very lucky to have such lovely theater venues but also some very impressive talent.

I have just returned from seeing “La Cage aux Folles” at the Scharmann and my sides hurt from laughing. It was nothing short of outstanding. Todd Wagner, the director is a very skilled and insightful force that brings this comic relief to life. He struck gold with the duet of Adam Owens and Jim Foley who embrace their characters with heartfelt enthusiasm and charm.

Highly recommend this very special performance be on your list. Bring a friend and prepare to laugh a good deal as the zany plot unfolds and “La Cage aux Folles” cast members take you on their delightful journey of life and love.

Very talented cast and crew complete the vision of this charming experience. I am grateful to have this quality locally. Get your tickets today and get ready to laugh hard. It’s impossible not to.

Judi Goerke



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