‘Get Over It’

To The Reader’s Forum:

The above quote was taken from a press briefing by Mick Mulvaney where he admitted that Donald Trump withheld congressional aid to Ukraine in turn for baseless investigation announcements into the Bidens. Mulvaney added “we do it all the time — Get Over It.”

Were you shocked at the outcome of two Senate impeachment votes in the sham Senate trial? Votes to block all inner circle subpoena witnesses testimony and all requested relevant documents. The second vote a pre-determined vote to acquit Trump of the illegal quid pro quo scheme? “Get over it.”Were you shocked to learn that jury foreman McConnell proudly announced before the“trial” began that his jury would never vote to remove Trump from office? “Get over it.”Were you shocked that jury foreman McMonnell received orders from defendant Trump on all rules and votes pertaining to the impeachment? Get over it.

Were you shocked that the first order of business daily was a prayer and Pledge of Allegiance to our flag and country? Were you also shocked to learn that jury foreman and Republican senators had no intention of honoring such a pledge? “Get over it.”

Were you shocked to learn that Trump’s legal dream team was repeatedly exposed for “misstatements” of fact and baseless accusations against the whistle blower, house managers, Hillary, President Obama, the Bidens, Ambassador Yovanovich, Lt. Col. Vindeman and all brave witnesses who testified truthfully.Were you shocked that a Trump lawyer was present in a meeting with Bolton where Trump again admitted withholding military aid (our tax dollars) for Ukraine in turn for announcements of baseless investigations into the Bidens?

Aid (our tax dollars) in return for announcements of investigations into the Bidens? Seeking foreign interference in an election is an impeachable crime.

Were you shocked to learn that the department of the Army felt it necessary to issue additional security for Vindeman, during and after his truthful testimony? ‘Get over it.” Lt. Col. Vindeman proudly served his country unlike the five-time, draft-dodging defendant.

Were you shocked to learn that the impeachment process was responsible for “Congress being prevented from “doing the work of the people?” Were you then shocked to learn that jury foreman McConnell has blocked nearly 300 pieces of legislation including gun safety at orders from the defendant? The “people’s work” excuse is laughable.

Donald John Trump cheated, was caught and impeached for abuse of power and a massive administration cover-up. He was impeached by the people’s house “for the rest of his life.” We must now reject “We do it all the time, get over it.”

Sam Sabino