Two-Faced Politics Make Everything Worse

To The Reader’s Forum:

If politics aren’t bad enough already, two-faced politics make it even worse. You can see it as the House ran the process of impeachment without “due process,” but as the House sent impeachment over to the Senate, Speaker Pelosi demands “impartial justice.” Has Trump received the due process that a terrorist gets in a trial? How can you have impartial justice without due process? Two-faced politics fake you into thinking that impeachment without due process is impartial justice.

Senators Warren, Sanders, Booker, Klobucher, Gillibrand, and Harris have all campaigned for president, and left no doubt on the campaign trail about their bias for removing Trump from office. Shouldn’t they recuse themselves from the Senate trial? If it’s a political process, “No!” If it’s about impartial justice, “Yes!” Two-faced politics fake you into thinking a partisan political process for impeaching Trump is impartial justice.

Rushing it through, politicians told us impeachment was “urgent,” “it couldn’t wait,” and Trump was an “existential threat,” but the Speaker of the House went into rope-a-dope mode before sending it to the Senate. She now wants witnesses to be called to the Senate, which was her duty in the House. Her present demand slams the brakes on whatever was urgent. Two-faced politics fake you into believing the inconsistency of the “it can’t wait” impeachment narrative.

I hear how Speaker Pelosi prays for the President everyday and how it brings great sorrow to her soul thinking about the somberness and seriousness of impeachment. Handing out souvenir gold pens on silver platters to smiling faces at the impeachment signing and rubbing it in by gloating to the press, “Trump is impeached forever,” two-faced politicians fake you into thinking that they are genuine and sincere.

Speaker Pelosi says, “It’s all about the Constitution.” If impeachment turns into a political process with only one party voting for it, then it’s not about the Constitution. It weaponizes and debases impeachment into a cheap partisan ploy for placating the vindictiveness of an angry side. Unable to accept the results of the 2016 election, two-faced politicians fake you into thinking that revenge for their hurt feelings is proper motivation for their obsession with impeachment.

After three years of non-stop cries from the left for impeachment and reaching for anything to stick as impeachable, two-faced politicians fake you into thinking that charges as flimsy and subjective as “obstruction of Congress” and “abuse of power” are equivalent to the high threshold of the constitutional standards of “treason, high crimes and misdemeanors.”

The Rev. Mel McGinnis



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