Trump Simply Must Be Convicted

To The Reader’s Forum:

What is the crime that President Trump guilty of?

Trump is guilty of the crime of extortion. He did so by trying to get the government of the Ukraine to make an official announcement that it was investigating Trump’s rival political candidate, Joe Biden, in exchange for releasing military aid appropriated by our Congress. Trump committed the crime by blocking release of the aid using the Office of Budget and Management, according to the independent Government Accounting Office.

It is as simple as that.

So, what will happen if the Senate does not convict Trump and the Republicans don’t have the courage to follow their conscience? Trump’s crimes will become a precedent for the future. It will be fair game, if the Democratic Party did the same thing, for example, by asking the government of China or Iran, to use their intelligence service to find “dirt” about Trump. Republicans and their representatives should keep that in mind. What Republicans do, will be done to them in the future. Is that the kind of country we want to create?

Dr. Jeffrey Victor



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