Caucus Is Not Place To Look For Leadership

To The Reader’s Forum:

Interested to see the two articles recently in “Area News” regarding the Problem Solvers Caucus, of which our Congressman, Tom Reed, is co-chairman.

I learned that the Problem Solvers Caucus is “building bipartisan consensus on policies,” and Mr. Reed suggests that these bills “will provide real help to real people.”

Reading through the information in the article on the four bills the group has “endorsed,” you will see financial assistance proposed for the post office, restauranteurs, retailers, breweries, wineries, distilleries and teachers teaching about the Holocaust. We are also told that 40 to 44 members of a 48-person group were in favor of these issues.

The second article indicates that the group “applauded” the USMCA.

A lifelong Republican, and having previously voted for Mr. Reed, I attended his Nov. 7 Town Hall in Falconer.

Mr. Reed reported that the rules of the Problem Solvers Caucus require a 75% positive vote for any action. The specific item he was referring to was climate change, reflecting the fact that his group could not agre on anything relating to the world’s biggest current issue.

This caucus includes more than 10% of the House of Representatives. I always wondered why they never did anything substantial. Once I found out why, I left the town hall.

Now I know that, if you want to rename a post office, the Problem Solvers Caucus will be happy to “endorse” or “applaud” your proposal. But if you are looking for leadership on such issues as health care, opioid crisis, cyber-security, prescription drug prices, foreign policy, climate change, election security, income inequality, Afghanistan and reasonable gun control, the Problem Solvers Caucus is not where to look.

Charles T. Hall



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