Impeachment Is A Tool In The Political Toolbox

To The Reader’s Forum:

It appears, after reading “Reed Says Impeachment Circus on Full Display”, Mr. Reed does not understand the Constitution, the Impeachment process, nor the oath he took when he was sworn into office. He laments the Impeachment process is going to become “another tool in the political toolbox”. Impeachment IS a tool in the political toolbox. The founders wrote it into our Constitution for a reason. They feared a lawless and tyrannical leader might gain the massive powers of the Presidency and would be so corrupt he would need to be removed before the end of his term. They feared most exactly what is happening now, a President would involve and seek foreign powers to help keep himself in power, thus undermining our entire system of free elections. Mr. Reed is waiting for a “smoking gun” as though he is watching a courtroom drama show on television. President Trump himself is a walking, talking smoking gun. Everything you need to impeach is in the summary of the phone call with the President of Ukraine. If that is not enough, Trump has solicited help from China and Russia on his opponents in public! Does blurting it out in public make it any less corrupt? And if Mr. Reed wants evidence, there is so much more. All he has to do is read the Mueller Report and the Impeachment transcripts.

Lastly, Mr. Reed was elected to represent all the people in his district. Many people in his district passionately believe, as I do, that President Trump is a clear and present danger to the next election, democracy, the rule of law, and the Constitution itself. We are taking a patriotic stand for the pillars that hold our government up. It is highly insulting for him to call this impeachment a circus.

Mr. Reed is a political coward, and so is the entire Republican Party. History will brand them, and those who follow them, very unkindly. I write this not to change anyone’s mind. I write this to put my own feelings in the public record. I will stand up to have this President impeached and removed from the highest office in the Country. He is morally unfit. If he is not removed, God help us!

Tom Andolora

Jamestown and New York City


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