What Are They Hiding?

To The Reader’s Forum:

Last week a gang of House Republicans stormed an Intel committee inquiry investigating abuse of power and national security concerns by Donald Trump. Their actions broke House rules that they themselves instituted years earlier. Their actions were meant to intimidate witnesses — they failed. Their excuses for the circus event, “we have no voice, this process is unconstitutional, closed doors, inquiry held in secrecy.” The facts however do no bear out their claims and talking points.

There are 47 Republicans sitting on that committee, including V.P. Pence’s brother. They and he have every right to question and cross exam all witness – if they choose.

One of the leaders of that group is none other than Kevin McCarthy. He was instrumental in forming the same process and rules now used in the Trump impeachment inquiry. We heard no cries of “closed doors, unconstitutional, no voice, secrecy etc.” from McCarthy during their closed door Benghazi investigation.

This White House has engaged in efforts to cover up the truth, including withholding all requested documents, and ignoring subpoenas. V.P. Pence first agreed than decided to withhold requested documents. What are they hiding? Pompeo, Barr, Rudy Bolton, Eisenberg, Perry and others have thumbed their noses at all subpoenas. What are they hiding? Why do they and Trump fear placing their right hands on the Bible?

Some have ignored Trump’s orders and have testified. In the case of Lt. Col. Windham he was ordered by Eisenberg to “not speak to anyone about Trump’s “perfect” call. That failed also. What are they hiding? Eisenberg then hid the full transcript in a secret White House server, and Trump refuses to release that full transcript. What are they hiding? Who would you trust for that truth, the five-time draft dodger or Lt. Col. Windham?

Trump plans to read his version of that transcript soon in a “fireside setting,” a redacted version of the full transcript. However witnesses have testified, under oath, that Trump’s version withholds key embarrassing sections. What is he hiding? It appears that the “perfect call,” isn’t perfect at all. Public hearings will leave no doubt in anyone’s mind as to the degree of impeachable offenses and, as importantly, what are they hiding?

Sam Sabino



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