Town Supervisor Candidate Agrees That ‘Truth Matters’

To The Reader’s Forum:

I assume Mr. Robbins will not make any corrections to his errors and/or misleading statements in his recent P-J letter.

I agree with the current supervisor that “truth matters” and so do simple math skills. He states his tax levies(without special districts) increased “2.4% over six budgets.” However, the town 2019 levy divided by 2013 levy ($1,193,318-$962,195)/$962,195 = 0.240204) was in fact an increase of 24% over six budgets. Misleading Busti taxpayers even further, he leaves out his first major budget levy hike for 2013 of $143,572 passed in late 2012. (The levy for 2012 was $818,626).

In fact, town of Busti property taxes(without special districts) jumped nearly 46% over 7 budgets, ($1,193,318-$818,626)/$818,626= 0.457708), under Mr. Robbins’ watch. More documented evidence of rising property taxes can be found on the New York state Comptroller’s official website (Local Gov/Data/Open Book/Spending/Rev. and Exp.). Check it out for yourself. Town of Busti (with special districts) property taxes rose from $1.24 million in 2012 to $1.72 million by 2018, an overall increase of 39% over six budgets. And the $480,000 increase was almost entirely unrelated to the special districts. At least the supervisor admits taxes have gone up under his watch but then believes “hasn’t been felt much by taxpayers.”

Rudy Mueller,


Democratic Party candidate for Busti supervisor


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