Time Has Come To Make Needs Known

To The Reader’s Forum:

This concern is addressed to the many individuals who make decisions regarding new development for the citizens of Chautauqua County. An important segment of the population has been ignored and the time has come to make our needs known.

Who are we?

We are women of a certain era who consider shopping an experience as well as a necessity. We prefer to see, feel and try on the merchandise before we buy it. We are the women who buy for ourselves, our husbands, our children and our grandchildren. We also love to gift family and friends on special occasions.

At numerous gatherings the common theme surfaces, where will I Christmas shop? Buy that special dress or outfit? How can I enjoy a shopping outing with family or friends? Why do I have to go to Erie, Buffalo or elsewhere to shop? How do our tourists feel about the area when they realize there are limited options?

We are not online shoppers for those items we want to try on and take home with us. Why is all the revenue we have generated going to other cities and states?

Hopefully the election will bring us a change in doing business and a voice in new development.

Pauline K. Guziec



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