The Work Has Just Begun For Everyone

To The Reader’s Forum:

According to an editorial last week by this paper, the Mayor-elect and the new Council should “heed the call” of the results of the last election. “Residents have done their job” (by voting) the PJ writes in another recent editorial. While both statements are certainly true, I disagree with the sentiment behind them. While residents have “done their job” by voting, that is a minimum contribution. The truth is the work has just begun for everyone. We all know what the problems in the City are. While there is much good happening in town, Jamestown is a City in trouble.

It is now time for all people of Jamestown to step up to the plate, roll up their sleeves and help this young, new Mayor. No longer can citizen apathy be tolerated as a part of daily life in Jamestown for anyone. No longer can cronyism and backroom deals be tolerated. The time of lining the pockets of the well connected must end. Being on a prestigious board should not make you wealthy. There must be full transparency and it must be much, much easier for citizens to participate in their government. The Citizens must take back their city.

If there is a Renaissance in Jamestown, and I believe there is, it must be a Renaissance for everyone. It must reach the 30+ percent of residents who live in poverty. It must reach the single mothers working 2 or 3 jobs. It must reach the children living in poverty, and all other children. It must reach the addicted and those living with mental health issues. It must reach the elderly living on a fixed income.

It will be Mr. Sundquist’s greatest challenge to bring this Renaissance to everyone. In order to do that, he will need everyone in town to participate in their government and help him. Get involved in your City government. Attend meetings. Speak up. Contribute. Bring new ideas to the table. Question! That is what makes a healthy community. It is time for all residents to accept this challenge with soberness, and grit, and be prepared to do the hard work ahead. Together.

Tom Andalora



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