Save The Character Of Downtown Falconer

To The Reader’s Forum:

I wouldn’t deny the need for additional low income housing in that area but I do think it odd to turn the downtown of Falconer into residential.

I also do not understand the need for additional retail stores when there are many empty store fronts available.

The heart of the town as Main Street used to be had many retail stores. Five and Dime, news room, pharmacies, resta­­­urants. Most of these retail stores have gone by the wayside due to access of things like McDonalds and Dollar Tree which are easily accessible. Unless you have something that draws people to a downtown no one will venture there to eat or shop.

I’m not sure who is willing to invest in retail there or are you just creating more empty buildings?

It would be wonderful to re-create the downtown of the old days but I just do not think low income housing is the way to do it. There are many other locations that can be used. Save the character of the downtown that we loved growing up.


Linda Hickey

Summerville, S.C.


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