Celebrating Veterans And America

To The Reader’s Forum:

This in not my first Veterans Day, however, my emotions seem to be running extra high this year.

It could be my age, but I am more apt to think it is the state of our country. Our family has been blessed with many veterans covering several wars. They have all made sacrifices in varying degrees, from giving their all to following orders and surviving their missions. Whatever their story, they have all been forever changed. I can say without a doubt their attitudes are awe inspiring and their patriotism and dedication to our country is surpassed by none. Their motivation and determination and selflessness in achieving their goal of protecting our freedom and keeping us safe can not be questioned.

Spending time at the VA hospital, among veterans from every service, never ceases to amaze me. The camaraderie, kindness, caring, strength and positive attitudes of these warriors is uplifting. They are not driven by bitterness, loss of loyalty or trust, power struggles or hate. They just keep carrying on in their proud walks as Americans.

My prayers this Veterans Day are that their spirit will motivate us all in our walks as Americans, not as partisans. God Bless these men and women who epitomize America and the American spirit!

Kathy Ludwig



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