Reader Feels ‘Truth Is Not A Value Of The Left’

To The Reader’s Forum:

The left cozies up to post-modernism on all fronts ranging from religion to science and all things in between. It smears, uproots and destroys practically everything associated with and founded upon western civilization, theism and the Bible. Nothing more than a social construct of white-privilege, western civilization (America included), according to post-modernists, must be deconstructed.

Deconstructionism (a fancy philosophical term trendy in higher education) essentially means destruction as rabid as the violence of Antifa or as subtle as fictionalizing biology into arbitrary endless categories of genders and orientations. (LGB became LGBT which became LGBTQ which became LBTGQI which has become LGBTQIA… Can someone say where it stops?) Except for deconstruction, post-modern philosophy is aimless. While it may concede that are purposes, it scoffs at the claim of ultimate purpose. It may accept that there are rights and wrongs, but categorically rejects the notion of ultimate right and wrong. It will tolerate truths but will not tolerate any belief in universal truth.

The deconstructionist aim of post-modernism reflects the anti-western Bible-bashing fanaticism of fascism. You only have your truth and I have my truth, but without ultimate truth, our two conflicting “truths” have no resolution except by “might makes right.” Post-modernism, like fascism, is a bridge to neo-barbarianism.

When post-modernism filters into the “makers and shakers” in the national corporate leftist media, the narrative they report is valued over the truth. Rather than being reporters of the news, the narrative of the press colors the way they present newsworthy events and the pseudo-events they blow up as “worse-than-Watergate” news. Thus, objectivity suffers since the narrative matters more. The likes of CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times and Washington Post incessantly pushed the Russian narrative. Imploding for lack of objective concrete evidence, the press moves on to the next narrative spinning the merry-go-round of innuendo and illusions about Ukraine omitting stand-out facts but sprinkling in an isolated one.

Reading something into what’s not there and winking at a prevaricating “parody” of a shifty politician during a congressional committee hearing to drive the impeachment narrative are tactics passing muster in a post-modern press. That’s when the press becomes an enemy of the truth. If a political leader is guilty of an impeachable offense, then let the truth alone, not a politicized narrative, drive it. However, if narratives and agendas are all that really matter to a post-modern press, Dennis Prager may indeed be correct: “Truth is not a value of the left.” Thankfully, a few John Solomons remain to get to the truth.

The Rev. Mel McGinnis



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