Reader Makes Call To Action To Help The Earth

To The Reader’s Forum:

Years ago someone from England proposed the idea that Gaia – that being the Greek word for Earth – is a big organism, and was able to take care of herself. If things got too far out of balance, she would take steps to correct them.

Well, things have gotten pretty much out of hand with the climate. After the latest hurricane, the Bahamas look like a garbage dump, and it’s continuing to raise havoc as it goes up the coast. On top of that, we have seen in recent years people driving in six inches of water in Miami Beach, and an entire South Pacific Island nation evacuated because rising seas were washing away their islands. we have also seen hurricanes where no such storms have appeared, and places that might have had one or two tornados in a season, now see a string of them. Not to mention 109 degrees F in Paris, 90 degrees above the Arctic Circle, and the fact that there are no more glaciers in Glacier National Park

Unless we do more to correct our activities, Mother Gaia will soon take her revenge. Our problem is that we have a president who called global warming a hoax, and is doing his best to kill alternative forms of energy and promote the use of fossil fuels. Continuing on our course is an existential danger for the human race. We must replace the current administration in Washington with one that will address the danger.

Samuel Alessi



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