Reader Compliments Community Libraries

To The Reader’s Forum:

I appreciate your article about the Prendergast Library.

We can’t talk too much about what libraries add to our communities. I would like to expand on that by reminding people that we have branch libraries all over Chautauqua and Cattaraugus counties. Specifically, I would like to highlight my own public library, Sinclairville.

Beth Hadley, who manages it, does an amazing job. She provides programs for all ages at the library, from children through teens, adults, and seniors. She offers book groups, writing groups, times to get together for music, game times, special speakers and much more. In addition, she doesn’t sit at the library and wait for people to come in. She does outreach as well. I can speak most to her outreach to us at Heritage Homestead in Gerry. She runs a book discussion group once a month, as well as a writing group once a month.

Since it is hard for many of us to get to the library, she brings books to us. Beth is an amazing person, and I expect she is an example of the other wonderful people who manage our smaller libraries throughout our county.

Karen Oberst



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