Trump Has Gone Too Far Regarding Monarchs

To The Reader’s Forum:

After raising monarch butterflies for several years, finding the eggs, waiting for the caterpillar to become a beautiful creature capable of flying all the way to Mexico, I think the Trump administration has gone too far in limiting the protection of this endangered species. Can’t Donald Trump think of something else to pick on? Maybe a disabled reporter, a Blue Star family or a family fleeing from persecution. What about the people of Baltimore, the S..Hole countries of Africa or the members of Congress that happen to be female and women of color?

I wonder if his dislike of the Monarch comes from the fact that it can fly up from Mexico, over his wall that doesn’t exist and work hard to find milkweed so it can continue its life cycle in peace? All the Monarch wants is a chance. Can this not be said of many others coming to the United States of America?

Ann Thorpe