Tom Reed Not Working For The District

To The Reader’s Forum:

Regarding a recent P-J article on Tom Reed, I’ll borrow a phrase from Ronald Reagan: “Well, there you (don’t) go again.” The article highlights Reed’s comments on issues raised at a Dayton “town hall.” It reveals Reed’s lack of understanding of both our district and the “issues” as well as showing his “do nothing” approach.

Reed first addresses the “USMCA” trade agreement, but totally neglects its effect on our district; primarily a rural, farming district. Reed only referenced that trade with Mexico might help the southern border humanitarian crisis, but doesn’t say how and does nothing for our district.

According to trade experts, the “USMCA” is little more than the current “NAFTA” and neither has anything to do with China. The comparison is like “apples and oranges”. The China “problem” hinges on tariffs, but also involves the fact that China buys up much of US federal borrowing. China’s growing economy also puts it on a more equal playing field with the US than either Mexico or Canada. Again, Reed offers nothing towards the China situation.

On “guns”, Reed simply has no idea what to do even though there’s overwhelming support for universal background checks, extended waiting periods and raising the purchase age to 21. Even a majority of NRA members want “gun control” actions. His answer to a possible gun ban complying with the 2nd Amendment was “I don’t know how you would do that”, yet between 1994 and 2004, there was a constitutional “assault weapon ban” in place. Thus, he should have said “yes” and explained WHY he disagreed.Again, nothing.

Reed also suggested there’s a connection between “mass shooters” and “psychopathic mental illness”, yet he offered NO evidence to support that connection. But, even if anecdotally true, he offered nothing on how to “go after” those people and how it would help prevent mass shootings. As to “criminality”, most mass shootings are the first criminal conduct by the shooter and people are already dead and wounded. All talk, no action.

Question: since Reed supports using all forms of energy until we solve the climate crisis, doesn’t he support trying all legal means to reduce and, perhaps, prevent gun violence?

Reed is the consummate politician – he “answers” questions, but only reiterates rhetoric while offering no concrete policy actions. Why the hard-working people of this district prefer a non-working representative in Congress is beyond my understanding.

Paul L. Demler