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To The Reader’s Forum:

A curious quote about God says, “God is too big to fit one religion.” Sounding like it popped out of a pitiful intellectual puddle of pop culture, the quote sure enough is traceable to a rapper in 2006.

The quote assumes that God can be shrunk into a natural container. The Infinite God cannot be contained. JB Phillips wrote a book in the previous century called “Your God is Too Small.” You make God too small to shrink him into a mere container of any kind. I Kings 8: 27 says, “Behold, heaven and the highest heaven cannot contain [God].” Religion can only explain, not contain, God. The rapper’s assumption that God is containable is false on its face. Besides, saying “God is too big to fit into one religion” is just an opinion, not a fact like Jesus rising from the dead.

The rapper has also said, “My goal has not ever been to change minds, my goal is to open minds.” My mind isn’t open to his proposition that God is too big to fit into one religion. If his goal is to open my mind, he has to change it from being closed, but yet his goal is not to change minds. Hello, contradiction!

This contradiction reminds me of the USA player on the Women’s World Cup soccer team which prided themselves about their “inclusion,” then followed that up with shaming a former teammate for her Christian faith, adding, “You don’t belong…” and “You [don’t] fit…” as well as judging her for “intolerance” and being “homophobic.” The Christian player turned the other cheek not returning spiteful insensitivity for spiteful insensitivity. So much for sensitivity from the LGBT members of the team. Were they Team USA or Team Fake-Inclusion? Contradictions abound in a schizophrenic culture demanding tolerance, but judging others as intolerant and demanding inclusion, but telling others they don’t belong.

When players for other countries showed more respect for our flag than did some members on our own side, it’s hard to get behind our team taking on the persona of the “Squad,” with little good to say about our nation that provided the opportunity to earn what they’ve gained at a yearly salary of $100,000 per player, higher it turns out than what the men get.

In the case of the rapper and soccer player, they both advance a worldview foreign to the Bible. Such a worldview leads even our “Catholic” governor to make de-clawing a cat unlawful and the killing of an unborn child right up to birth perfectly legal.

The Rev. Mel McGinnis



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