Welfare Is Completely Out Of Control

To the Reader’s Forum:

Censoring information is what Kwai Chang Caine lamented on the 1970s TV series Kung Fu, starring David Carrradine. The character Master Po with the shimmering blind eyes stated, “To suppress a truth is to give it power beyond endurance.” The 2020 election is about one thing and one thing only. To wit: Is everyone in the third world entitled to illegally or legally come to America and receive welfare, food stamps and Medicaid at taxpayer expense. If you believe yes, vote Democrat. If you believe no, vote Republican.

A few short years ago there were at least six or seven political topics. This truncating of politics is quite natural and unavoidable due to the precarious nature of our country currently. This means the national debt at $22 trillion and welfare are completely out of control and bonkers. Essentially welfare and Medicaid for illegal aliens is the issue and every single Democrat raised their hand at their debate to affirm their desire to flush your money down a black hole.

Norman Carlson



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