Look For The Next Great Awakening

To The Reader’s Forum:

As we celebrate America’s freedom, we should remember the catalyst that preceded July 4, 1776.

It was something known as the Great Awakening. America’s political revolution was instigated by a spiritual one that began in the 1740s. America’s hope today is not in the political realm but in another Great Awakening.

Times of refreshing will come when the Holy Spirit shows up because the people of God pray up, then the churches fill up. The righteous speak up. Soldiers of Christ stand up. Lukewarm Christians fire up. Carnal Christians grow up. Sleepy Christians wake up. The religious give up. The complacent are shaken up. The ignorant wise up. Bitter people sweeten up. The crooked straighten up. The hardhearted soften up. Feuding people make up. The dishonest ‘fess up. The sick get up. The discouraged brighten up and the gossips shut up!

These are all signs that a Great Awakening has come and all praises go up to the God that made it all happen. May God bless America once again.

John Beckerink