Littering Ruins An Otherwise Great Fourth

To the Readers Forum:

Once again Mayville had a bang-up Fourth of July celebration.

The village was packed throughout the day with visitors from who knows where. Special thank yous go out especially to the Fourth of July Committee for the remarkable work they do. Words are not enough. There are all too many others such as fire departments, businesses, churches, etc.

I could go on and on about this celebration of our country’s birth. But alas, just as with every other gathering of the masses for events of this nature, the scum of the earth are also attracted. Driving the streets on the fifth you could see their calling cards. Every street, sidewalk, and parking lot had their cans, bottles cups, food containers thrown about.

I wish there were some way of knowing who each item belonged to and where they live. I would personally pick up all this trash and return it in their front yard. But then I would be doing nothing but imitating their disrespect of others property. Just saying.

Donald G. Zenns