In Response To ‘Backing Trump’ Vs. 50 Years Ago

To The Reader’s Forum:

As a Jamestown native, ‘coming home’ for the JHS Class of 1969 50th reunion is quite a joy.

Day one was filled with rich memories while roaming the maple and oak-lined, brick-clad hills of our old Westside neighborhood.

The familiar high pitched rumble of tires over the bricks triggered images of the freedoms we had playing outside, kickball and sledding (safely) in the streets. We were left to our own devices for creating entertainment. This meant heaps of physical activity. No screens from which to withdraw. We made our rules of play and resolved our own conflicts whether the outcome was fair or not. We learned to carry on. “Just come home when the streets lights come on” rang through my mind as I puffed a little, marching up Stewart Avenue. My how that hill’s grade has diminished since my childhood. A rich childhood it was, growing up in Jamestown.

Picking up The Post-Journal after trekking through the neighborhood abruptly yanked my brain back into the present as I read the front page article “Reed Backs Trump in Wake of Remarks”.

My family were proud, active Republicans. I remained so for many years, having worked on campaigns and thinking I was pretty well informed for my age. As a few hundred classmates return to Jamestown to celebrate graduating 50 years ago, we recall the many historical events of that era.

The Apollo moon landing, the Stonewall Uprising, Woodstock on Jasgur’s farm and the tragedy at Kent State. I wish to add yet another remarkable event from the time.

Let our community remember when Jamestown’s own honorable Republican Senator Charles Goodell had the courage, wisdom and moral responsibility to place our democracy above party loyalty. He was not complicit when it came to his party’s President Nixon. Senator Goodell stood up and risked his political career, even anticipating the wrath of Spiro Agnew. He chose to speak truth those he represented rather than remain in Richard Nixon’s good favor.

Can the majority of our GOP officials who remain in the shadows truly believe that this president has brought an ounce of decency to the white House? To our country’s image around the globe? Is he an acceptable model for our children? We expect much more from professional athletes.


Sal Lee Hitchcock-Glover

Los Gatos, Calif.

JHS Class of 1969


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