A Plea To Policy Makers To Have Compassion

To The Reader’s Forum:

To ignore the plight of animals — domestic and captive wild — in the “entertainment” industry, those caught in cruel leg-hold traps or snares, those raised for food or their pelts under deplorable and inhumane conditions, those used in painful laboratory experiments, those given away at fairs and carnivals only to be callously discarded once the novelty wears off – and to focus on the declawing of cats performed by trained veterinarians under anesthesia — just doesn’t make any kind of sense. How can we call ourselves a civilized society while we and our representatives continue to justify the brutality endured by many animals in our state and in our country?

I would like to call upon our representatives to take a good hard look at rodeos including what happens behind the scenes. My hope is that rodeos will go the way of circuses more sooner than later. This form of “entertainment” breaks my heart. There are states that have made “fun” rodeo events like calf (let’s remember these are baby animals) roping illegal. When will policy makers in New York state step up and follow suit?

I want to also call upon our representatives to outlaw leg hold traps and snares. If the removal of a portion of a cat’s digit under anesthesia is abhorrent to our lawmakers, surely they can show similar compassion for a wild animal or pet dog maimed or killed in one of these traps. Wild animals caught in leg hold traps are known to gnaw off their own legs to escape their agony. And they never have the benefit of anesthesia or the skills of a highly trained veterinary surgeon.

Hopefully, our representatives will broaden their focus on the humane treatment of all animals and not exclude any just because they are raised for food, fur, prizes, etc. And right now, it is crucial that policy makers realize that this new law – while enacted, I believe, with the best of intentions – is going to have some serious ramifications.

There are already millions of domestic cats and dogs being euthanized every year through no fault of their own but because of irresponsible individuals who don’t spay and neuter. And while I have never been a fan of declawing cats, this new short-sighted law is going to place an even greater burden and strain on those who rescue and foster. There are also individuals who will not or cannot adopt a cat if the cat cannot be declawed. A cat scratch can be detrimental to individuals with certain health issues. This new law will deprive some of adopting and loving and caring for a cat for its lifetime. How fair is this new law to these individuals?

Christine Wigren



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