Student Speaks On Potential Education Cuts

To The Reader’s Forum:

My name is Connor Beal. I am in my junior year at Clymer Central School where I am the current Student Council president and have been elected president of the Class of 2020. I play both basketball and baseball, I am in the band and I am active in various clubs. I have taken college courses and I am currently enrolled in additional college classes for my senior year. I’m telling you this because all of these things are on a list of possible cuts that will affect myself and my schoolmates and our educational future if they are taken away from us.

Eight dollars extra a week to ensure that we keep both our high school classes as well as college level courses. Making sure we get a solid high school education, while also getting the college credits that can save us thousands of dollars and help us to be better prepared for college in general. Keeping our Ag programs to help learn the necessary skills in what is a predominately farming community.

Eight dollars extra a week– to keep our clubs going.

FFA — one of the oldest in the state — just came in second place in a contest in Syracuse.

FBLA — third in the state with an opportunity to go to nationals, which they unfortunately may no longer be able to do.

Band/Chorus — We perform at local events and also at the NYSSMA majors where this year we received silver on the highest level of music. Two of our vocalists received A grades in the highest level possible

Eight dollars extra a week to keep our athletic programs going. As a student-athlete it gives me great pride to see the community come and fill the gym or stand by the fields and cheer us on. In my case I feel athletics has helped to provide a well-rounded education. I’ve learned things playing sports that I can’t learn in a classroom.

And even though some people don’t believe it will, the decision you make when you revote will affect our future, especially for those of us who are going to be juniors and seniors — both here at CCS and going forward into college.

Eight dollars extra a week–and that’s if you own property worth 300,000. In reality for most residents it would be less than that. Are all of us worth that to you?

Connor Beal



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