Reader Pleased With Work Done On Lake

To The Reader’s Forum:

This letter is an expression of my sincerest thanks to all those involved in the successful application of herbicides in permitted portions of Lake Chautauqua. I’ve lived on this lake, either as a part time or full time resident, most of my life and am witnessing first hand the positive changes brought by this treatment.

In previous years in my area, the weeds would be to the surface by now, along with all of the issues that accompany them. Presently, I can see none of the invasive type of weeds stretching to the surface but still have all manor of native aquatic growth that spreads across the bottom of my lake bed and healthy and friendly water lilies rising to the top.

My children can swim and ski off the dock just like I could long ago and in the early morning and later in the evening, the fisherman are here. I am happy to witness them successfully enjoying their sport and on occasion, pull out a nice catch from under my boat and around the shade of the dock.

To each and all responsible for furthering the quality of this special place, please continue this good work and know you carry with you my heartfelt appreciation.

With thanks,

George Kerr Jr



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