Falconer After Prom Party Successful

To The Reader’s Forum:

It is with great honor that I can say that Falconer pulled off its 31st annual After-Prom Party on May 18, 2019.

Once again we transformed the school into a western haven. This year’s theme was Best In The West At FCS, with a mechanical bull. We had over 155 children and 80 adults attend the all-night event. There were some students from other schools with their dates from Falconer and the look on their faces was worth a million bucks. The kids were able to play games to win funny money which they could purchase from a selection of over 200 gifts and baskets in the media center that was transformed into a store. They played Bingo every half hour all night for cash.

When asked what the kids enjoyed most about their evening the comments basically included all the events. As always one of their favorite events is the food all night. Pizza, wings, subs, veggies, cookies, a chocolate bar with fresh fruit, popcorn from Falconer Kiwanis and ice cream from Falconer Rotary.

This year we added a auctioneer at the end to give away such things as a iPad, Chromebook, kayaks and many more big prizes. Falconer is also lucky to have a senior vigil for the kids the night of graduation where they go all night to different events. This event could not be possible without an army of people not limited to administration, staff, parents and community and multiple businesses in the community. I would like to thank everyone for whatever part you played in making this event a huge success.

Rosie Digirolamo



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