Talk To You Doctor About Vaccinations

To The Reader’s Forum:

Exercising, eating healthy, getting proper sleep and having a positive attitude are all good habits to have but do not prevent getting measles, mumps, polio, chicken pox, whooping cough and a host of other contagious diseases. A recent letter to the editor of this paper contained some appallingly ignorant misinformation. There are serious repercussions for those who experience these diseases. Some people truly cannot receive a vaccination due to medical conditions, allergies or even being a very young baby. These people depend on the rest of us to keep them safe– a 90 to 95 per cent vaccination rate tends to protect them.

Many of us who are older remember those who were sickened or even died of diseases like polio, chicken pox or measles. One of my friends now experiences post-polio syndrome which is prevented nowadays by vaccination. In the 40s, that vaccination had not been developed and summer was sometimes a scary time because so many young people sickened and even died of the disease. Those of us who had chicken pox as children now need to look into the shingles shot. Save yourselves the pain or possible permanent damage of shingles.

Parents, have your children vaccinated! Protect them and others. The fact is that vaccnations save lives and prevent life-long problems. Talk to your doctor for factual information on vaccination.

Judith M Stevens,

East Randolph


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