Reader Pays Tribute To Lyndon LaRouche

To The Reader’s Forum:

I have been a reader of many political leaders over the last 40-plus years and I wanted to show respect to Lyndon LaRouche, who recently passed away.

“LaRouche’s four laws for economic recovery.

1. Re-enactment of the Glass Steagall Act separating commercial from speculative banking and ending public bailouts of Wall Street gamblers;

2. A new national bank or the credit-issuing mechanism, capable of providing massive amounts of credit for long-term economic projects;

3. Use of this national banking mechanism to fund only such projects as will raise national productive sectors of the economy;

4. A crash program to develop fusion power, the energy source of the future, the energy flux density and power of which allows us to transform nations’ raw materials, power entire nations and power space exploration and colonization.”

The most obvious place to invest would be building a modern infrastructure platform for the U.S. economy, since we have damaged our physical economy and savaged our labor force in the last decades, an effort in this respect is urgent if we are to raise productivity and ensure long term growth. This concept parallels President Trump’s call to make America great again. LaRouche points out, “New programs in classical education and the sciences and programs drawing our youth into rebuilding the country, akin to the CCC, are necessary elements of this economic thrust.”

Think about that, the optimism generated by such a national mission is the best antidote to the drug epidemic and mental instability presently haunting our country, although major rehabilitative and interdiction efforts must also be urgently undertaken in this regard.

LaRouche, again, “None of this is possible of the present financial system is allowed to suffer what looks to be a inequitable crash.”

The bottom line, LaRouche understood better than most, the time is at hand for an economic renaissance.

Lyndon LaRouche, 1922-2019, God bless.

Rex V. Willard



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