Outsider Anti-Religious Bigotry ‘Wins’ In Clymer

To The Reader’s Forum:

Holding a club over the head of the Clymer Central School, a leftist special interest group intimidated the district into shutting down the freedom to assemble at Baccalaureate and the free expression of prayer at graduation. One solitary complaint swung the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) into exerting the clout of its legal and leftist thuggery to ban what has blessed the vast majority of Clymer residents for decades. FFRF is an intolerant pack of ideological bullies who roam around the country to pounce on schools who do not toe-the-line of their agenda against the freedom of religion and the freedom to assemble guaranteed in the 1st Amendment.

Being outsiders who legally bully their way into communities, they pull out their go-to mantra of “separation of church and state,” not even found in the Constitution, to hoodwink the gullible into thinking that prayers in a school are prohibited by the Constitution. First, Clymer Central School is an institution of education. Education isn’t even mentioned in the Constitution so no federal authority is granted to it to interfere in it. The threat of legal action is the weapon used by FFRF to get what it, not the community or school, wishes. Second, FFRF manipulates the term “church” by morphing it into a school. A school is not a church, but the FFRF wants to make you think that an act of religion freely exercised is equivalent to the institution of the church teaching denominational doctrine. Clymer school district is run by a duly elected board, not a board of church elders. The FFRF, though, purposefully does not distinguish a church from a school. According to the Constitution, a local school district is not prohibited to freely exercise a religious expression at Baccalaureate or graduation. To the FFRF, they, not Clymer, should control that decision or else.

The deceptive unconstitutional usage of separation of church and state to bludgeon school districts into submission is an effective tactic of the left to cleanse religious exercises in public. This legal, but freedom-hating, form of bludgeoning reflects the violent illegal and immoral form imposed by Antifa to silence free speech on college campuses and elsewhere.

In both cases, it’s a dead give away of the fascist authoritarian philosophy, strategies and methods implemented coercively to force others from using their liberties in ways that our Constitution promotes, facilitates, and protects. FFRF is the Grinch of anti-religious bigotry stealing Baccalaureate and vandalizing graduation on the grounds of Clymer school.

The Rev. Mel McGinnis



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