Being Concerned Only Goes Half The Way

To The Reader’s Forum:

The uptick of child abuse in this country has hit a more than alarming cases. And what is more alarming is the disgraceful trend of absence of concern by today’s society. Being aware has not saved one single child, yet we have plenty of that. Being concerned only goes half way to save children.

Who would take the first step to prevention and how would prevention work? I would expect that the starting point would be cause. We have been living in a very sick society for decades. Why? Why does our society so radially accept that fact? Not only has the abuse increased, especially in the last decade, it has become more and more evil. Not only does evil attack children and the elderly, it attacks animals as well. None of these groups are safe anywhere. Pedophiles are abundant even around school zones and neighborhoods. The courts are lenient and children are scared for life. Long term treatment for the pedophile whose welfare is placed higher than the child in many states.

Other abuses and neglect come in many different forms and causes, drug and alcohol abuse are highest on the list for causes, it is my belief that both open up the gates of hell and the evil pours out victimizing children and degrades our society.

In my opinion when abortion was legalized the value of life plummeted. How can a society accept such torture terrorizing the unborn? What kind of insane people accept this live with themselves? Is this not abuse? Does legalizing change the meaning of abuse? If that wasn’t bad enough, in New York we can now murder full term babies once they clear the birth channel. Isn’t that wonderful! Where was the outrage! Where were the Christians!? Where was the clergy!? I would not want to be in your shoes when you face God. Where was all the woman’s originations. Wouldn’t murder be a little out of the rights of a woman’s choice. What about that child’s choice?

So, what has happened to our country, it seems as though no one wants to pick up the flag of doers and roll up those sleeves that once belonged to Americans? Where did they go?

Audrey Shelgren