Walking A Different Course On Easter

To the Reader’s Forum:

Ten years ago. Tiger Woods was at the pinnacle of his golf career but then he lost his wife, health, name and golf game. He went through hell and his game was seen as good as dead.

Last Sunday at the Masters, he showed that he still had the heart, mind and perseverance of a champion. He conquered the sand traps, hazards and read the greens with excellence. He received an emotional thunderous applause as he walked up to the 18th hole and then sank the winning putt. Shortly after, a green jacket was placed upon him.

It was only fitting that throughout day, Tiger had worn his Nike cap, a symbol of victory. Nike or the verb Nikao is a term used in the Bible which means: to overcome, prevail or conquer.

Two thousand years ago another man walked a different course. He never drove a golf ball, but he drove evil and disease out of people’s lives. He never read a green, but was able to read people’s lives and motives. He never received any trophies nor sought the applause of people.

His greatest joy was to live a perfect sinless life so that he could make his final walk up his life’s course to offer himself as a perfect substitute on a wooden cross.

The world thought he had failed and pronounced him dead. However, three days later he was back, for he had conquered sin, death and hell and had died for others as the sacrificial Lamb of God. He arose as Lion so that others could walk in victory too. Jesus did not receive a green jacket when he returned to heaven.

A crown was placed on his head, for he is King of kings and the Lion of the tribe of Judah.

Nike to you this Easter.

John Beckerink



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