Teacher Inspired By Battle Of The Classes

To The Reader’s Forum:

As an elementary teacher, it is not that often that one can participate in the Jamestown High School Battle of the Classes.

I had the privilege of chaperoning inspiring dance groups last year and this. This year I had a wonderful opportunity to work with some freshman young ladies. These girls amazed me every time we got together. These young ladies, from vastly different backgrounds, cultures and taste in music, found what they had in common and not how they were different.

They brought their tastes in music and ideas and created a cohesive dance that they could be proud of. They encouraged each other, they excluded no one, and they worked with all they had to give.

It was beyond inspiring. It is through a shared experience that young people learn collaboration, and most importantly, listening skills for others. Although they got last place, it did not really matter, because the courage that it took — six freshman girls — an entire school of students cheering, was all they needed.

The upperclassmen cheering them was also a grand moment. To hear the juniors and seniors encouraging them as they did, would make any parent or teacher smile.

I hope they all follow their dreams, and keep up the hard work and determination. These girls reached a goal, made some new friendships and they should feel like the million bucks they threw in their dance and left on the gym floor.


Lori Cobb



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