Reader Supports Efforts Of The CLP

To The Reader’s Forum:

Obvious by the number of news articles and Letters to the Editor the weed issues effecting Chautauqua Lake have finally hit home with regularity. Thanks to everyone for finally bringing the issue to the forefront. Hopefully it will result in action!

I read with interest the letter from Mary Hutchings in Fluvanna! It’s not news to many of us that the CLA in a way has been running a subscription program for years! Call their office with a service request and the first thing they do is check if you’ve donated. That in itself is not the most disturbing part, it’s when they say you hadn’t “donated” when you had.

I am so pleased that the County Executive et. al have gotten involved in the funding decisions. Although the work of the CLA is important, there is room for other “tools in the box”! That’s why I support the efforts of the CLP applying herbicides as another tool to improve our lake. All the cutting in the world has not made getting my boat and jet skis onto the main lake without major headaches. The CLA says my expectations are to high. I disagree. No matter what they say the conditions have gotten worse the last three to five years.

Proposed herbicide use encompasses a very small percentage of the total lake acreage. When applied professionally it can be a huge asset in improving lake quality! Hopefully the N.Y. DEC will approve the permit requests and Mr. Borrello will see that there is a fair distribution of public dollars to support lake quality improvements.

David W. Groth



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