Reader Says Cuomo Has Advanced Reforms

To The Reader’s Forum:

The Post-Journal writes that government should stop throwing money at schools to solve our education challenges. I couldn’t agree more, which is why I am proud that Governor Cuomo has advanced some of the most significant reforms in generations to spend taxpayer dollars wisely and effectively.

First, Governor Cuomo has ensured that State spending goes toward the districts that need it most. While we invest the most in the nation into our young people – including an increase of a billion dollars this year – advocates will still say it’s not enough. But they miss the point. Under Governor Cuomo’s leadership, the state has also ensured 70 percent of state aid increases go to the neediest school districts.

Second, the governor this year demanded more transparency on how districts distribute funding to schools. Including the STAR rebate, the state funds 78 percent of the budget for Jamestown Public Schools. We have an obligation to not only ask, but to also actually know how the district is spending this funding.

Governor Cuomo believes in funding students, not bureaucracies. These historic reforms are helping New York do just that.

Robert Mujica,

New York state budget director



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