Reader Questions Use Of Vaccinations

To The Reader’s Forum:

Parents who purposely choose not to vaccinate their children are not being irresponsible to their children nor to society!

They are seeking to do the right and healthy thing for their children! If vaccinations are so effective then please tell me why those who have vaccinated their children are so concerned about having unvaccinated children around. Vaccinations are not a strengthening of the body’s immune system. By putting toxins and the disease directly into the bloodstream you increase antibodies, but you lower the cellular immunity. It is not natural to put something directly into the blood stream bypassing the body’s own natural immunity system. Whatever happened to using good common sense and health practices to fight off sicknesses and to teaching our children this? How is it wrong for parents who want to raise healthy children to choose to do that by a healthy life style and letting our bodies build their own natural immunity?

The best way to develop a real life-long immunity is by natural exposure to disease and by letting the body create its own antibodies and immunity naturally. Sanitary practices, eating right, exercise, good sleep, and a positive outlook are some of the best ways to fight off sickness. We have become a weak, lazy society in dealing with our health. We would rather run to the doctor to take shots and fill our bodies with medications full of bad side-effects than make the effort to take care of ourselves.

Please give parents who want to raise healthy children naturally the freedom to do so!

Lydia Samuelson



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