Local TEA Party Remains Active Group

To The Reader’s Forum:

In 2009 grass roots groups all over the country started what would become the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party movement.

These nonprofit groups have been dedicated to promoting the principles of individual freedom, economic freedom, smaller government, less spending, and a debt free future for America.

We’ve had monthly meetings, rallies and demonstrations large and small in Washington, D.C., state capitals, and in local communities.

Even when our gatherings have numbered in the many thousands of people, we have left the event areas picked up of litter, clean and neat.

Never in these past 10 years has there ever been any fighting or violence in a TEA Party event,to my knowledge. Our gatherings have always had a safe and friendly atmosphere where families could come together to listen to speakers of the day and get our messages out to the entire country.

We’ve strived to keep the public informed and warned about encroachments of our liberty on many issues. To name a few; federal takeover of healthcare;education; and the overpowered IRS that audited conservatives,as punishment under the Obama administration. We discuss,investigate,and usually take a position on hot topics of the times. The TEA Party will continue advocating for a simpler, fairer, taxation system.

The TEA Party believes in the rule of law under the US Constitution,free market capitalism; and American exceptionalism.

As we see socialists declaring their run for POTUS in 2020, the TEA Party says, “Stop Socialism; Choose Freedom.” Do you think that America should be more like stagnant Europe, or collapsed Venezuela? Neither do we!

The TEA Party will keep ringing the bell of freedom! May God bless America and long live the TEA Party!

Shirley Leyman



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